Conveyancing / Buying Land in Saint Kitts-Nevis

In Saint Kitts-Nevis, Liburd and Dash represents a number of local residents, foreign nationals and real estate agents in the purchase, sale and development of both freehold and leasehold properties for residential and commercial purposes. We can also assist in the procurement of mortgage financing from banks located in Saint Kitts-Nevis.


In order to purchase real property in Saint Kitts-Nevis, non-Nevisians and non-Kittitians must obtain permission in the form of an Alien's Land Holding Licence to enable them to hold such property. Licences to hold up to half-acre for building purposes are fairly readily granted, provided that the number already granted for the current year is within a stipulated maximum. Licences to purchase bigger lots may be obtained, provided that purchase is for a development project which is approved by the Government.


If foreign nationals purchase of real property in an "approved investment project" either on the southern peninsula of Saint Kitts or on the northwest part of Nevis they are eligible for citizenship in the Federation if they have no criminal record and no HIV/AIDS infection.


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